Company Name: Sears Import - OLD
Job Details
Duration: Permanent
Min Education: Not Specified
Salary: Commensurate
Job Type: Full Time
Min Experience: Not Specified
Required Travel:
  • USA - Washington District of Columbia, 20001
Job Description
The District Sales Manager is responsible for attaining the monthly, quarterly, and annual sales performance goals including Dollar per Appointment, Gross Close Rate, Net Close Rate, Net Installed Sales, Staffing, Cancellation Rate, and Non-funded. This is to be accomplished by providing effective supervision, guidance and expertise in assigned categories through the recruitment, training and professional development of Project Consultants and particularly the Field Sales Manager (if applicable); and through the reinforcement of such priorities by personal example and performance management. The District Sales Manager will manage cross functionally with other departments such as Installation, Office Administration, and the Appointment Center to ensure proper and effective communication in a way the builds and aligns teams to meet or exceed district performance targets. This is to be accomplished by providing strong leadership, guidance and expertise while demonstrating the Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC) Values in a consistent manner.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:
• Maintains staffing levels by preparing ad requests, attending career fairs, return responses to candidates and scheduling and conducting interviews.
• Prepares new hire paperwork and ensures proper sales supplies are on hand
• Provides product specific training to ensure expertise of all associates on the specific products assigned by follow Company training materials
• Continues to review performance and coach Project Consultants to ensure continued professional development
• Ensures "Power Resulting" is conducted with associates on all individual leads that did not result in a sale, and ensures guidance is provided to the associates concerning alternate sales approaches that may have sold the deal
• Addresses performance deficiencies through counseling, ride reviews, coaching and the Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC) Performance Plan for Improvement (PPI) process
• Ensures Field Sales Manager(s) are conducting the proper number of field ride reviews with new and underperforming Project Consultants to reduce turnover and improve district sales performance
• Drives projected sales goals for the office by emphasizing the importance of sit ratios
• Ensures that the Company's required sit ratios for In-Home sales presentations are maintained
• Provides guidance and supervision in directing representatives' sales close efforts outlined in the Company's business plan
• Pulls the Pairing Boards and issues leads
• Updates Sales Boards
• Results the previous day's appointments
• Performs sales performance checks
• Verifies the accuracy of lead disposition designations provided by Project Consultants, and for ensuring the completeness of all supporting documentation
• Audits all contracts for the assigned group to ensure accuracy with established procedures, and signs off on all executed deals
• Performs customer calls for cancellation (based on the review of the cancellation report), "Happy Calls" and calls to rectify any issues raised in the sale and calls to customers on completed deals
• Ensures that all Call Behinds are completed and reports the results to the Appointment Center
• Prepares, manages and maintains sales meetings to generate a motivational atmosphere
• Prepares agenda for the product areas in w which accountable and conducts the meeting
• Prepares for the staff meeting by reviewing the backlog, SPR, unverified sales report, the Pending Credit Report, Market Facts, Cancellation Report and additional product specific training needs for communication review of sales and production proficiency reports to drive revenue and gross margins as well as commissions
• Plans for scheduled weekly meetings on assigned products with the District General Manager
• Provides the guidance, supervision and expertise necessary to assigned associates to ensure the Gross Close percentage and Net Close percentage achieves the planned conversion rates in the business plan per product
• Reinforces the necessity for sales at a profit to ensure that Gross Margin numbers per product line meets the business plan
• Ensures that the lead value for the assigned products meets or exceeds the planned $/Lead Generated "Net Appointment Cost/Value", target
• Reviews PPRs and Over-Specs, and takes appropriate action to address Reviews Production Proficiency Reports for accuracy and sale training purposes
• Manages and updates all contest results for assigned associates for sales associate recognition programs (branch, annual SHIP Trip and the Masters)
• Maintains contact with the Market Coordinator for assigned products
• Ensures continued contact with the APC for CXL numbers not already in the system, and ensures that such numbers are entered Daily Communication with Appointment Center for lead utilization and fulfillment; including lead generation and deletion/cancellation.
• Assists the District General Manager (DGM) in communicating to region management team and Corporate Headquarters all personnel changes within the assigned office within 24 hours of the event
• Sets the example for professional performance and managerial expertise at all times through actions and leadership criteria consistent with Company standards of conduct and business ethics
• Maintains such contact as deemed necessary with customers and respective operations personnel in order to rectify problems and to proceed with the sale and installation of products on a timely basis
• Prepares and submits such reports and/or records as may be as requested by the DGM, Region General Manager or Region VP
• Performs related duties as required
Required Skills:
• Ability to communicate clearly and effectively (both orally and in writing) with associates, managers, consumers and others
• Ability to work under pressure
• Ability to lift and carry product sample display cases. Occasional lifting of sample cases that individually do not exceed 40 lbs. Depending on product, sample case weight can range from 5-40 lbs.
• Ability to frequently bend, stoop, kneel, stretch, twist, reach and climb
• Ability to drive in various weather conditions for long periods of time and in various geographic areas
• Ability to access different levels of terrain while performing duties
• Ability to work in excess of 50 a week
• Ability to establish priorities and negotiate contracts
• Ability to exercise care and restrain in conserving the assets of the Company with respect to business and travel expenses
• Ability to represent the company in a business-like and professional manner as described in the Code of Conduct and Sears' Ethical Business practices
• Proficient skill in use of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook), Lead Tracking, Appointment Center and departmental websites
Preferred Skills:
• 4-year college degree
• Thorough knowledge of SHIP systems and procedures